I Wasn’t Thinking About Thinking, Just About Getting Old

Have you ever awoke with a song already echoing in your mind? Maybe it was the soundtrack to your dream or the representation of your subconscious thought?

I have before; this morning was no different. The song was this.

On November 3rd, the eve of my twentieth year, the band Dr. Dog will be in Asheville, North Carolina, finishing out the set I never witnessed complete when I saw them in September.  (Due to “weather conditions” their performance was cut short, will I ever get over it?) A few days after they depart NC, moving on to play to more folks and maybe fulfill a young girl’s dream in seeing them, I will follow in their wake. I will then continue 18 months in North Carolina and surrounding areas without them and all other secular music.

However, the thought of them paving my way is comforting, and I know I will be alright.


Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

On this day 164 years ago, Edgar Allen Poe, the poet, author, and generally thought creepster (would you agree on that one?) passed on.

His death, a mystery still. The man, a mystery to me.

All I really know of him is as follows:

“I have faith in fools.”
He said.
He had faith in me.
and maybe in foolish poetry.

I had a roommate from Boston once.
Brown-haired Jamie,
with the sweetest laugh you’ve ever heard.
I wonder what Poe’s laugh sounded like,
Maybe a Raven’s cackled.
If he laughed at all.

A skinny boy I knew,
still know I guess,
Dressed as him in Seventh grade.
Halloween was the exuse.
But I don’t think the reason.

More credit should be given
He understood.
And wrote that one could love
than love itself.
When did Poe know
What I know to be true?
I’ll ask
One day.

In the Morning Time

I’m thinking there’s some quote floating around about things making more sense in the morning, (is it Disney’s Jungle Book?!) Something about those sweet, fresh, clear, first hours of the day that really brings clarity I think. Some of the most incredible and peaceful moments I’ve yet to have have been on the road, as the sun rose, and I traveled to a location I had not yet ever been.

And, though I may find these words folly, come morning, this song is one that has haunted me all day; morning onward. I had failed my driver’s license test that I waited about four years for, and the white of the first day of snow melted with my hopes.
However, there are so many more mornings, and sun rises, snow falls, and HOPE, to come in the (I daresay), quite near future. I plan to meet these head-on…

in the morning.


More days than a month has, less weeks than a year.

The age I’ll be arriving when I’m two times my now self.

Water fell upon the earth for so many nights.

Cleansed from wickedness.

But never again.

Jesus abstained from food and drink for that many 24 hour periods.

24 x 40.

He truly is the begotten son of the Father.

I am also a child of God.

I will devote myself to spreading this truth.


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Makers of Music Monday: Papa

Today’s Monday. It’s been awhile. Dad’s day is some holiday next, and soon enough. So here ya are. Papa.

I saw them live once, and though they were the opening-openers, I thought them best.

Full single comes out June 25. Sorry to be a tease.

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Munchies for your Musings (but really this an important issue woman should think on)

Yesterday, I was able to attend a presentation detailing a Mormon woman’s 3 week experience  touring The Land of the Pharaoh’s (capitalized for emphasis) with her daughter’s Muslim in-laws.   As her family lived there she was exposed  to a more realistic and gritty view of the sights and history and therefore was able to see Egypt from a more authentic perspective.

Obviously, this seminar of sorts strengthened those lingering pangs of my ever-present itch; that hunger for exploration. But I guess my severe wanderlust issues are for another time.

I started this post to touch on another topic. One I still can’t say exactly my feelings on. A point of observation was touched on that reminded me of something I had seen long ago that obviously left an impression on me.  Decided to share. Food for thought (vittles for your contemplation? munchies for your musings?…who came up with this phrase anyway?).


Hobo Chic

If there’s such a thing as Heroin Chic (as appalling and frightening as that is) then I feel my coining of “Hobo Chic” will be bit more accepted. With my hand-me-down flannels, fraying pants, and unwashed hair (with a beanie to cover it), this is the style (should I call it a “style” though really?) I have been totally rocking (depending on who you ask) lately.

Today my cousin who I’ve been staying with asked if I had showered. I responded with, “what do you think? I only shower when I am going somewhere”*

My Aunt who was listening cut in with, “Well then that would be never.”


I can’t wait for these online classes to be over.

With worry and stress (and less than two weeks left!).

Much love,


*This is only true to a certain extent, I’m just trying to save the planet kay? 😉

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“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.”

— Elie Wiesel, Jewish-American writer, political activist,  Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor.

Sounds of Saturday: Leonard Cohen-Live

This song recently has come into the spotlight because of Lana Del Rey’s cover, and I thought I would address this legend of a man’s legendary tune…well, one line at least.

“We are ugly but we have the music”
-Leonard Cohen

We as human beings are imperfect, we make a myriad of wrong choices, we feel so many emotions throughout our experiences…one of them being pain.  It’s possibly what defines us as mortal beings.  In my short years I’ve come to know this, ( and probably you know this too).

This pain is something that connects us in a way; we all have times that we waver, and wander, and wonder. (Would you agree?) But we all also have the potential to have “the music” that Cohen talks (sings) of.

There is that beauty that carries us through it all, whether it be it be knowledge; of God, or nature, of miracles etc. or the presence of actual melodies; those that float blissfully through our heads and make us smile, or those comfort us in their identifiable heartbroken-ness.

May you find the music in your life, as I hope to. That beauty, wherever it presents itself, that makes those moments in which we partake so very precious.