Makers of Music Mondays: Widower-Live

This morning, earlier than usual, I watched a live radio station performance on Seattle’s KEXP. It was of a band called Widower who seem relatively unknown (at least no lyrics were available on el google, nor was there an official website) and maybe at first the (seemingly bland) singing style not so special. However, the first song got me, and my first impression quickly changed. The words and basic imagery in certain moments nudged my consciousnesses softly. Told in a distant but no less powerful way, the song is like a dream you want to remember, but when you remember you want to forget…but can’t seem to. It was like a friend trying to remain unfazed in gently describing a significant/painful life experience.  Their attempt at nonchalance is unsuccessful however; when the lovely harmonizing  joins in, distinct and vaguely haunting; it makes you feel. You can relate to the hopelessness and desire to escape the reality of an endless emotional night. Scruffily honest, these could be people you know.

“I was tattered and torn
but that doesn’t matter anymore…
and I still hang on by thread

all these thoughts that go through my head…
and in the dead of night
in a bed with no sleep in sight
I surrender to the memory of you
and drink instead.”

This is all a little over-dramatized, but after listening I wanted to share this song in a personal way, and in a specific place for to those who appreciate the kind of beauty I do might seek out. I’ve been seriously thinking for some time about creating a special spot where I can record and share tender, reminiscent, enlightening, or just plain groovy thoughts or finds. I’ve been putting it off for so long; and, as I realized today was in fact Monday (though not much is left of it now), the day to alliterate “makers” and “music” (from a poem I will post in the near future) it is the day to therefore begin. As this goal is henceforth accomplished, there is just a bit less of the many more miles I have to go, though I may never really “sleep.”

Much love to you,


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