Sounds of Saturday: Leonard Cohen-Live

This song recently has come into the spotlight because of Lana Del Rey’s cover, and I thought I would address this legend of a man’s legendary tune…well, one line at least.

“We are ugly but we have the music”
-Leonard Cohen

We as human beings are imperfect, we make a myriad of wrong choices, we feel so many emotions throughout our experiences…one of them being pain.  It’s possibly what defines us as mortal beings.  In my short years I’ve come to know this, ( and probably you know this too).

This pain is something that connects us in a way; we all have times that we waver, and wander, and wonder. (Would you agree?) But we all also have the potential to have “the music” that Cohen talks (sings) of.

There is that beauty that carries us through it all, whether it be it be knowledge; of God, or nature, of miracles etc. or the presence of actual melodies; those that float blissfully through our heads and make us smile, or those comfort us in their identifiable heartbroken-ness.

May you find the music in your life, as I hope to. That beauty, wherever it presents itself, that makes those moments in which we partake so very precious.


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