Munchies for your Musings (but really this an important issue woman should think on)

Yesterday, I was able to attend a presentation detailing a Mormon woman’s 3 week experience  touring The Land of the Pharaoh’s (capitalized for emphasis) with her daughter’s Muslim in-laws.   As her family lived there she was exposed  to a more realistic and gritty view of the sights and history and therefore was able to see Egypt from a more authentic perspective.

Obviously, this seminar of sorts strengthened those lingering pangs of my ever-present itch; that hunger for exploration. But I guess my severe wanderlust issues are for another time.

I started this post to touch on another topic. One I still can’t say exactly my feelings on. A point of observation was touched on that reminded me of something I had seen long ago that obviously left an impression on me.  Decided to share. Food for thought (vittles for your contemplation? munchies for your musings?…who came up with this phrase anyway?).



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