In the Morning Time

I’m thinking there’s some quote floating around about things making more sense in the morning, (is it Disney’s Jungle Book?!) Something about those sweet, fresh, clear, first hours of the day that really brings clarity I think. Some of the most incredible and peaceful moments I’ve yet to have have been on the road, as the sun rose, and I traveled to a location I had not yet ever been.

And, though I may find these words folly, come morning, this song is one that has haunted me all day; morning onward. I had failed my driver’s license test that I waited about four years for, and the white of the first day of snow melted with my hopes.
However, there are so many more mornings, and sun rises, snow falls, and HOPE, to come in the (I daresay), quite near future. I plan to meet these head-on…

in the morning.


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